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Dr Hill provides strategic and operational consultancy to national and international agencies and organisations in relation to the investigation of child sexual abuse and non-familial child abduction/murder.


Dr Hill writes for a number of publications upon request and to express his own views. Below are some of his most recent topical articles.



Dr Hill's clients come from a wide range of agencies/organisations such as Law Enforcement, Probation, Child Protection, Health Partnerships, NGO's and Media Groups.



Dr Graham Hill is an internationally recognised British Criminologist and subject matter expert in relation to the behaviour of adults who sexually abuse children and men who abduct and murder children. He is a former senior detective and Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) who specialised in the investigation of major crime. During his detective career he led many high profile, complex investigations and was commended many times for his leadership and detective ability.

Dr Hill is the founder and first head of behavioural analysis for the UK Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre (CEOP). During his time at CEOP he consulted on numerous cases in the UK and overseas working with law enforcement and child protection agencies across Europe, South East Asia, Canada and America.

Dr Hill's unique perspective and expertise concerning adult perpetrators of child sexual abuse has been developed over the course of his policing career and the specialist roles he has held together with his academic research. Dr Hill's research interests include the behaviour of perpetrators of online and contact child sexual abuse, interviewing adult sex offenders and men suspected of non-familial child abduction/murder. His work focuses on how research can inform and enhance investigative and child protection practice. Dr Hill regularly
appears as an expert commentator and host in the media.
Dr Hill holds a PhD in Criminology and Applied Social Science and a PGC in Forensic Behavioural Psychology he speaks and lectures nationally and internationally in relation to the behaviour of adult perpetrators of child sexual abuse. He is also a Visiting Professor at Birmingham City University and a member of the British Society of Criminology.




If you would like to contact Dr Hill, please email below.

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