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Dr Hill's clients come from a wide range of agencies/organisations such as Law Enforcement, Probation, Child Protection, Health Partnerships, NGO's and Media Groups.

"Thought it was a brilliant training session the use of the clips of the offenders speaking was very powerful and useful"  

Social Worker 


"Really informative eye opening training which offered lots of good ideas on how to move our practice forward. I believe that this is an essential course   for all front line workers in all children's social care"  

Social Worker Manager 


 "Excellent training that has increased my knowledge and understanding"  

Probation Officer


"Finally something relevant, pertinent and interesting! This should be part of the initial training for all child sexual abuse investigators"  

Police Officer


"Dr Hill clearly has years of experience in this area his input has dispelled several myths and significantly changed my perspective"  

Detective Sergeant


"Probably the most informative and well-presented input I have received during my police service"  

Detective Inspector  

"So many take away points from this excellent training day"

US Attorny

"Dr Hill has made me reconsider how I view the perpetrators and how I approach dealing with them"

FBI Agent

"Dr Hill is one of the most engaging forthright speakers that I have heard on this difficult topic"

Homeland Security Investigator


" I deal with registered sex offenders on a daily basis so the use of real life scenarios and perpetrators was extremely useful. One of the best qualified speakers I have had the pleasure to listen to in my 28 years service" 

Detective Constable 


"Now  when I deliver eSafety training, I can highlight the behaviours to better inform parents"  

Project Worker, Woman's Charity 


"Dr Hill was fantastic! he made such a difficult subject so interesting"  

Student Teacher 


"Knowing more about the perpetrator will definitely help my work with victims"  

NGO Worker 


"I feel so much more informed. about this important  topic, very interesting "  

Head of Faculty, School for Girls

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